Welcome to SOF Prep Academy's Navy SEAL Immersion Experience


You've seen the movies, read the books, watched the news... Now it's time to experience what it takes to become a Navy SEAL for yourself!

SOF Prep Academy is offering an exclusive immersion experience into the world of the Navy SEAL Selection process. You will get a taste of: BUD/S, SEAL Qualification Training, Tactical Drills, Situational Awareness, Pistol and Rifle Training, Free Falling, Ocean Training, Beach Drills and MORE! 

Spend 5 Days at SOF Prep's Olympic Level Facility. All meals and lodging are included. Train daily with Active, Former and Retired Navy SEALs. 

Conclude your training with mission style training and team building exercises. 


Want to do a custom event for a group of 5 or more? Contact us for details. 


Includes Meals and Onsite Lodging

Early Enrollment: $3000.00 Ends August 15th

Regular Enrollment: $3500.00

Group discounts available. 

Nutrition: All Meals at the SOF Training Center are prepared by Olympic Level Sports Nutritionist. We can accommodate any dietary need. 

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About the Founder and Lead Coach:

Lance Cummings D.C.CWO4 (SEAL) USN Retired US Navy (Active/Reserve) 1983-2011 – SEAL Teams 1, 3, 4, 5, 7.  He retired after 30 years as a Chief Warrant Officer 4. With multiple deployments as a Navy SEAL and Independent Contractor to Blackwater to Middle East, Africa, South America, and Southeast America in support of US Foreign Policy, his last duty station was at Naval Special Warfare Group 1 in San Diego. There he was instrumental in establishing the Human Performance Initiative, a data and performance program that significantly enhanced operational capability, injury prevention and rehabilitation procedures in Naval Special Warfare.

About the Academy

Spend 5 days and 4 Nights at our Olympic Level Training Center in San Diego California. You will train alongside Navy SEALs learning life changing skills. 

This is high level training for those serious about developing themselves mentally and physically. 

Physical Skills: Strength and Conditioning, Nutrition, Swimming, Survival Skills, Tactical Skills, Situational Awareness, Self and Home Defense , Archery, Pistol andLong Rifle Skills and More!

Mental Skills: You will build confidence with hands on instruction from the best in the world. Improve upon your Team Building and Leadership skills. Communication. Critical Thinking Under Duress. 

This course will give you an edge on the competition at: Work, On The Field, In School and in Life. 

Battle Rhythm:

Zero Dark Thirty Early Rise and LSD Run or Ruck

0700 Chow


1200 Chow

1300 Strength and Conditioning

1500 Leadership Skills and Teamwork Drills

1700 Active Recovery

1830 Chow

1930 Guest Speaker or Lecture 

2130 Sleep

Course Layout: 

 You will experience BUD/S style training. Log PT, Boat PT, Ocean and Beach Drills, Sand Runs and more. 

From there we will move onto basic SEAL skills: Team Movement, Pistol and Rifle Training, Free Falling and more. 

Finally we will activate your skills and create Mission Scenarios for you and your teammates to complete. Hostage Rescue, Extraction, Land Navigation and More. 




Space is Limited ENROLL TODAY!!

Includes Meals and Onsite Lodging

Early Enrollment: $3000.00 Ends August 15th. 

Regular Enrollment: $3500.00

Nutrition: All Meals at the SOF Training Center are prepared by Olympic Level Sports Nutritionist. We can accommodate any dietary need. 


Custom Events Only

Fitness Standards: 

We suggest you are able to do the following:

25 Push Ups, 5 Pull Ups, 40 Sit Ups, Run 1 Mile in 10 Min, Swim 200 yards in a Pool


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