SOF Prep Academy

SOF Prep Summer 2018 Enrollment is OPEN!

SOF Prep Academy and Civilian Leadership Academy 2018 Dates:

August 10th - 15th Chula Vista Training Center in San Diego Califronia

SOF Prep Academy Early Enrollment: $2000.00 (Must be ages 18 - 27 and a SOF Candidate to Qualify)

Civilian Leadership Academy Early Enrollment: $3000.00 (Open to anyone ages 18+)



First Call to Special Operations Preparatory Academy (SOFPA). At our state of the art SOF Prep Training Center in San Diego CA (Chula Vista Elite Athlete Training Center), you will spend 5 days and 4 nights training with fellow SOF candidates and coaches. Learn how to become mentally and physically ready to meet and exceed the demanding requirements of Special Operations. 


Prerequisites: SOF Prep is open to any looking to get tier 1 physical and mental training from Special Forces and Civilian Specialty Coaches. Participants must be at least 18 Years of Age and ready for 12+ hours of physical and mental training daily. Physical prerequisites:

Swim 200 yards without stopping, Run 1.5 miles in 14 minutes without stopping 

Perform the following, Men/Women; 2 minute prone plank, Situps in 2 minutes 60, Pushups in 2 minutes 50/40, Bodyweight squats in 2 minutes 60, Dead hang pullups 10/6

Curriculum: will include classes and practical application of the following:

Physical fitness in all environments, Ocean/Pool swimming, Rucking, Weapons Training, Tactical Mindset, Land Navigation, Field Medicine, Situational Awareness, Career Development in SOF, Nutrition, Threat Assessment, and others. . 

Why Attend: The SOF Selection process for each branch is designed as a weed out process, not a training process. Their goal is the BREAK YOU! You must be ready physically and mentally to conquer these "Test" daily. You are striving to enter a field with 60-80% attrition. This training allows you a sneak peek into those fields, and will prepare you to exceed your perceived limitations. Our coaches will give you an honest assessment of your strengths and weaknesses, and help you construct a plan to be the best possible candidate you can be. Do you want to Be Someone Special? Or just a statistic...



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