Day 4: Form and Technique

Performing each movement such as a: push up, pull up, sit up must be done correctly. 

Pushups- rest in the up position no arching the back, no sagging the back, arms must break a 90 degree angle or chest to fist. Must remain in the pushup position for the full 2 minutes. 

Sit-ups- arms crossed over chest with hands touching the shoulders, your butt must stay in contact with the ground at all times. As you come up elbows must touch the knee or 3 inches below when you come down your shoulder blades must make contact with the ground. No ballistic movements no grabbing the collar of your shirt. Must rest in the up position, must be doing Sit-ups for the full 2 minutes or resting in the up position. 

Pull-ups- no movement from the waist down(no legs or waist movement) as you come up chin must go over the bar, as you go down elbows must fully lock out. Thu