6 Week Strength Cycle

6 Week Strength Cycle

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SOF Prep 6 Week Strength Cycle! Add 10 to 15 Pounds of muscle in 6 Weeks!

SOF Prep’s 6 Week Strength Cycle is designed to put on body mass on fast… This plan combines a rough nutrition plan with a 3 Day on 1 Day off, 2 Day on 1 Day off Lifting Schedule. We focus on: Back Squat, Deadlift, Bench Press and Shoulder to Overhead Movements. We also added in some conditioning and mobility to balance out the training.

Keys to this program are: DO NOT SKIP recovery days! Eat food! This is NOT a weight loss program, this is a bulking cycle for adding body mass FAST! Know your limits and always train with a partner.

Our 6 week strength cycle is designed to target your body's core. A weak core will cause you to fail at nearly any SOF Selection. Putting your body under a barbell will teach you proper body mechanics for heavy movements. Weak core can lead to back injuries and DOR's. 

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